Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Meeting of Ends

Originally posted December 23, 2008

Chapter 1- Forever More
I'm yearning and learning 
I'm wound so tightly I feel like i could spin forever 
and I don't eve know what "Forever" means!
I'm growing and flowing and what drives me is THRILL
I should probably care more about tomorrow but for now, I have now... Today... right Now
I could go here or there or wherever and hangout with friends
I don't much care about the meeting of ends.

Chapter 2 - Forever Comes
My hands are calloused and dry
and my belly is evidence of too many a pie
when I get up in the morning my bones creek
and I could hardly see past the end of my nose
The once lonely yawns are accompanied by groans and moans
Yesterday I thought about tomorrow ... what happens next, where will I go
Who will she be? What will we do?

Today, it seems Tomorrow (if I could get there without being there), is about Yesterday
You see somehow doing, planning, going
becomes Lamenting
and Rejoicing... 
which are the SAME thing.
Remembering... Oh the good old days... 
The Good Times and the Bad... were All Good

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