Monday, January 3, 2022

I Fell and Am Still Falling - 30 Highlights over 30 Years (Happy 30th Anniversary)

  1. You're Hot! that mermaid wedding dress though...
  2. I love your family, thanks for loving mine!
  3. Who needs a TV? (We love our friends)
  4. Let's go to seminary... or not
  5. Let's buy a house!
  6. Let's start a business!
  7. Let's do something in Roseville with a bunch of friends (Roseville Hope)
  8. Let's go to Europe!
  9. You're the best mom in the world (Jeremiah was born)
  10. Let's go to Europe again!
  11. You're the best mom in the world AGAIN (Zach)
  12. Let's start another business!
  13. Let's go to Russia!
  14. You're the best mom in the world AGAIN! (Annie)
  15. Let's do something cool in Sacramento with a bunch of younger friends (FLOOD)
  16. You're the best mom in the world AGAIN?? (Sophia)
  17. Thanks for loving my Dad
  18. Thanks for loving my Mom
  19. Thanks for loving my Brother
  20. Sorry about starting another business :-( 
  21. Living with family isn't so bad! 
  22. Wait, they all know how to ride a bike?
  23. Let's go do Younglife!
  24. Can you pick me up at the airport... again?
  25. Let's re-start something cool with some new friends (Journey Church)
  26. Let's go to San Diego
  27. Wait they can all drive?
  28. Let's go to the beach!
  29. Let's start another business!
  30. What's next? (It doesn't matter)
I love you more today than I ever did! Here's to the next 30!