Sunday, December 28, 2008

Catch 22

Originally posted October 19, 2006

I dreamed a dream the same did she We started on a walk

One goal I had the same did she All obvious by our talk

She's the one for me thought I For on my face a smile she laid

I'm the one for her thought she For God's decrees had we obeyed

We spread our story all around To all who had an ear

Something happened what was wrong?  It was the second year

Those who knew us knew us well Or at least that's how it seemed

They didn't see us when we fell The perferct couple were we deemed

If I'd only been a gentleman she would've been a lady

I would've been a gentleman if she had only let me

When times grew tough my shoulder did I offer for her to lay her head

When tears came she turned down my offer she wanted my shoulder instead

Confused was I what was her plea?

Confused was she Why can't he see?

One dream I thoght did we both share There was to be nothing we couldn't do

So much sorrow is for both to bear Because our dream was not ONE but TWO


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