Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Heart Hurts!

I met a young woman about 14 years ago... and she's leaving. Her name is Shelly and she is the reason my heart hurts so badly right now! When we met she was so full of life and so ready to tackle all of life's challenges. Her husband was a drunk but she loved him anyway. Her friends all told her she should leave him but I was opposed cuz I saw in her that she still loved him and wanted to make it work. One day, all of a sudden, he wasn't drunk anymore and although life wasn't instantly all roses... the journey started along the right path... again. You see God had a track record of faithfullness even when times were tough. When I met Anthony I could see why Shelly loved him, he was a good man. If you know me you know that I don't believe any man is good, by nature, but this man Anthony was good because he realized that God loved him and had a plan for his life... and along they went.

Chapter 2

Little Taylor was born! How did that happen? (of course we all know) but really... How !!!? The medical staff gave up all except that wonderful nurse who kicked everyone out of the hospital room where Shelly was with her incompetent cervix and all. That nurse said "if you believe in God you better start prayin!" Pray we did... and again all of a sudden, Taylor is 11 years old and just a beautiful reflection of your mother.

Chapters 3,4,5, and 6

Sydney, Anthony, Jaden, and Shelby... children 2 through 5. So much for struggling to get pregnant!

Now what? Breast Cancer? F(bleep) YOU! Shelly beat you once... no twice! Yeah yeah, life happens... ups and downs, houses and jobs, dogs and electricity bills and yada yada. It's all good though right? A beautiful family and friends who truly care... Shelly why are you leaving? Just a couple weeks ago we were all hanging out having hawaiian bbq remember? WTF!

I believe in God, I believe His Word. I believe death is just a transition into life eternal... But it still hurts. It hurts it hurts it hurts.


  1. It does hurt and I am just sick about it! I hurt for Anthony and the children! Shelly is the lucky one here... she gets to meet Jesus. But who will be the mommy to her children? God knew this when he gave them to her.. so now what? I keep praying for a miricle! I am pleading for healing! How can any of this make sense?

  2. Saw her again tonight to say my final good do you really do that to someone you love right? Well I know I will see her again and I just pray she is out of pain soon. John thanks for coming there last night. I thank Shelly for introducing us to all of you!